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Become a financial powerhouse: we guide you in building your fintech.

A Arariwe acts as a HUB integrator, specialized in building and accelerating fintechs, combining expertise in technology, finance, data and regulatory to offer technological financial solutions.

Our purpose is to boost the global movement of financial resources, making it more accessible, safe and effective for everyone.




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Digital Banks

We offer complete solutions to create banks in the digital environment, combining cutting-edge technology with friendly user interfaces. Our focus is on providing comprehensive functionality such as account management, banking and customer service, all accessible online.

Credit operations

We develop personalized credit solutions, including loans, financing and lines of credit. Our systems are designed for agile and accurate risk analysis, facilitating informed decision-making. 

Payment and Transfer Gateway

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We implement payment gateways that guarantee fast, secure and efficient transactions. These systems are optimized for a variety of payment methods, including flagged transactions, Pix and boleto.

Visa and Master Card Issuance

We create solutions for issuing credit and debit cards, taking advantage of the extensive Visa and Mastercard networks. Our services include card personalization, integration with rewards programs and advanced security technologies.

Crypto Solutions

We explore the potential of blockchain and decentralized finance, offering tokenization and cryptocurrency services. Our approach focuses on security, transparency and innovation, enabling new possibilities for financial transactions and investments.





At Arariwe, all our solutions are the result of strategic partnerships with major technological providers in the financial market. We position ourselves as a financial technology integrator hub, combining expertise, innovation and the capacity of major players in the sector to deliver cutting-edge solutions. This approach allows us to build and implement high-impact financial solutions, ensuring efficiency, security and a superior user experience in every project we participate in.


BaaS, CaaS, Open Finance, PIX.

FitBank 450

BaaS, PIX.



MB Labs

Mobile apps.

Galax Pay



Credit data and analysis.




Credit operations.


Financial services.


KYC and identity checks.


Risk management.



Senff Bank

Credit card.

RPE Tech

BNPL and Pl.

ara gateway

Financial transitions facilitator

The Arariwe Gateway acts as a Centralizing hub for Financial APIs, interconnecting a wide range of technology providers into a single access point. (One Stop Shop) Its main objective is to function as an efficient integrator, specialized in processing financial transactions. 

Technology By Arariwe


High Availability

Robust APL's facilitate integration with your systems, ensuring stable and secure financial operations.

Multiple providers

Connections with several providers, minimizing the risk of service failures and offering innovative strategies.

Differentiated rates

Reduced rates through the partnership with Arariwe, boosting the profitability of your business.

Automatic switching

Automatically switching and distributing load between providers, optimizing operational efficiency.

Financial reconciliation

Resources to track and reconcile transactions, improving financial management.

Anti fraud

Security for your transactions through powerful anti-fraud tools plugged into the gateway.

Backoffice (Web)

Complete account and configuration management, facilitating transactions, viewing detailed reports.


Monitor the performance of your financial transactions in real time.


M&a Consulting FOR FINTECHS

M&A Consulting (Mergers and Acquisitions) for Fintechs is a strategic specialization that facilitates and optimizes merger or acquisition processes in the dynamic technological financial sector. Our consultancy offers a complete and detailed service to ensure that complex transactions are carried out efficiently and transparently, avoiding unpleasant surprises and ensuring a successful integration.

With a team of fintech experts and a global network of partners, we offer strategic insights and personalized planning for each phase of the M&A process. Our commitment is to the excellence and long-term success of our clients' operations in the technological financial market.

Choosing our M&A consultancy means ensuring a well-founded, strategic negotiation with the lowest possible risk. We transform complexity into clarity and risks into opportunities.

Financial Health Analysis

In-depth assessment of the company's financial conditions, including profitability, cash flow, debts and growth potential.
Preparation of detailed financial reports for an accurate assessment of the company's value.

Technological Analysis

Examination of technological infrastructure, software, intellectual property and innovations.
Assessment of the scalability of technological solutions and compatibility with existing systems.

Compliance Analysis/ Due Diligence

Rigorous investigation to ensure compliance with financial laws and regulations.
Analysis of legal, contractual and regulatory compliance risks

Organizational Culture Analysis

Study of the corporate environment, values, leadership practices and alignment between the cultures of the companies involved.
Assessing cultural impact on post-acquisition integration to facilitate a smooth transition and maintain team morale.

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